doit VR®
doit VR®

Operating company

Company overview

Company name Agencia Co.,Ltd.

<Head Office>
7F Sakae Plaza Bldg 1-10-9 Higashisakura, Higashiku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture 461-0005

<Tokyo Office>
8F Shinagawa Grand Central Tower 2-16-4 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075

Overseas bases/India New Delhi

Business Divisions Google Street View Division
PanocloudTM Platform Division
ICT Consulting Division
Projects ◎ 360° VR platform development
◎ Research and development of image processing technology using 360° omnidirectional and super wide-angle images
◎ VR application development
◎ Google Cloud Computing service installation and support
Business partners Google LLC
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Apple Japan, Inc.
KDDI Web Communications Inc.
Client portfolio ■ Educational institutions
■ Manufacturers
■ Construction companies
■ Airlines
■ Travel agencies
■ Food service businesses
■ Beverage companies
■ Television stations
■ Telecommunications companies
■ Publishers, printing companies, and advertising firms
■ Over two hundred other companies
* Because we have confidentiality agreements with each company, we will not make their names public.

doit VR & reg; platform allows anyone to easily create full-fledged VR content at any time. Real estate viewing VR, tourism VR, training VR, wedding VR, wedding venue VR, hotel VR, private night VR, department store VR, university campus VR, car VR etc. You can use it in various fields. It's a VR cloud tool that makes it easy to create 360 ​​degree VR content. Even if VR expertise is unnecessary, program codes can be created in a short time and various VR contents can be delivered. Do-it-Buy is a cloud tool that can create, edit and manage VR, and it is used in over 100 countries worldwide. It is a cloud service that can intuitively create, edit, and manage high-quality VR contents using 360 degrees photos and videos. It is a VR player creation tool that can be used in the real estate field of VR preview, sightseeing, wedding etc. You can easily publish a panorama picture of the property taken with Ricoh THETA on the website. VR for everyone, everywhere. Doit VR aims at any time, anyone can easily create a VR in the world. VR content delivery platform, AR and VR content platform DOITVR! Operation of Agencia Co., Ltd., Movie VR, Live VR, Object VR, PANOCLOUD 360, panocloud VR, HUGVR, Panocloud, Do It Build, Do It Build, VR Player Creation Tool, Rent VR, doitvr