doit VR®
doit VR®

Payment plans

Payment plans

Plans Trial Starter Professional
Basic monthly fee for VR platform FREE $20.00 $50.00
Movie Panorama Monthly Fee(Charged option) FREE $50.00 $80.00
Maximum issue URL(Number of open players) 3 20 60
Number of managed accounts 1 1 2
Smartphone App(iOS、Android)
Application compatible Camera models RICOH THETA(S, SC, V), Galaxy 360
Still image panorama (standard)
Video panorama(Charged option) - Option Option
Technical support Mail Mail Mail

Creating 360° Video Tours

In addition to 360° panoramic photos, 360° videos of up to 200 MB per scene can be included in the tour.
Equivalent to 4K image quality If you want to create spatially reproduced VR content with motion, please apply.
You can start immediately by applying for an option contract on the management screen and paying.

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