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What is doit VR® ?

doit VR® is a monthly cloud service that allows you to upload 360 ° panoramic images / videos taken by you, easily create 360 ° virtual tours. The created content can be posted on its website or blog using the URL and embedded code automatically generated by the system.

What devices can use a tour that has been created?

Virtual tour created with doit VR® is compatible with various terminals such as personal computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. It can be used with browsers that can use HTML5. Please refer to the recommended operating environment for the operation of the management screen and the recommended operating environment for virtual tour browsing.

What are the benefits for using this?

With a virtual tour created in doit VR®, you can differentiate your promotion from those of competitors and increase your attention rate with the VR’s overwhelming presence. By exhibiting it on the page of the website, you can see nearby facilities and products in front of you, and you can expect a large PR effect to attract customers from promoting understanding and raising interest.

I want to know about the features of doit VR®.

For an overview of the features, please refer to the Feature Introduction page. In the introductory examples that show various features in an easy-to-understand manner, various scenes for use are prepared and posted. Please refer to those as well.

What is the difference in representation with Street View?

With Street View, you can see on-site facilities like roads and shops from the point of view of someone who is walking through those areas.With doit VR®, you can set up floor plans and free icons in space, and you can allow for various actions, such as displaying images, videos, and detailed explanations. For an overview of the features, please refer to the Feature Introduction page.

About getting started

Is it really easy to create a virutal tour?

Yes, it is really simple to use.

Do you shoot camera equipment, etc., at your company?

When photographing in-house, please prepare shooting equipment. If you want to do panoramic shooting easily, we recommend Richo’s special equipment such as THETA, etc. If you want high quality footage, we also offer a 360° shooting service for a fee. For details, refer to “About shooting” or contact us from the page for inquiries

Is it difficult to do 360° shooting in the smartphone app?

There are various smartphone apps that can do 360° shooting, but although they are simple to use, it is difficult to create a panorama neatly using those apps. If you simply use 360° panoramic shooting, you can use it to shoot and from upload by using a smartphone with the combination of RICHO's THETATA and doit VR®.

About payment and contracts

I want to know about plans and usage fees.

We offer six types of plans: Trial members (Trial trial), starter members, professional members, business members, enterprise members, and ultimate members. Please refer to the Payment page for details. If you wish to increase the number of tours you can create or the number of panoramas you can publish, please contact us from the inquiry page.

Is there a fee for updating / replacing content that you have created?

Doit VR® allows you to freely update your content listing information and replace scene images yourself. As for the content you can use and run by yourself, there is no additional fee other than a service usage fee.

About support

What if I do not know how to use it?

Please read the operation manual. If it is still unclear, please contact us from the Contact us.

Even if I use it according to the procedure, it does not work well.

If you cannot use it normally after checking the operation procedure manual, you may be experiencing temporary connection failures or troubles resulting from the device environment, among other factors. Since the solution methods and items to be confirmed are described in the Frequently Asked Questions page for operation, please refer to that page first. If you still do not know the solution, please fill in the situation in detail and contact the support center via e-mail.

About cancellation / withdrawal

I want to know the procedures for cancelling / withdrawing.

If you wish to cancel or withdraw from the plan, you can proceed from the "Cancellation / Withdrawal from Plan" page located at the bottom of the registration information change page after logging in. * The cancellation of / withdrawal from the plan will be executed on the last day of the month following the month in which the procedure was carried out. Please go through the cancellation / withdrawal procedure one month. After the end of the contract period the month after the procedure, all services will no longer be available.

What happens to the content I created after I withdraw (after the end of the contract term)?

The data you created is retained for thirty days after the end of the contract period. If you resubscribe to a paid plan within the retention period, you can continue using it. However, please understand that, after the retention period, the data will be deleted and will no longer be available for use.

Term descriptions


360° panoramic view content. In a tour, you can set up multiple scenes, and you can experience something like moving in a panorama.


In the tour, there’s one screen through which you can look 360° across. It is possible to move scenes together (scene link) or add explanations in scenes by adding text on the screen.
For each scene, use one panoramic image (taken with an omnidirectional camera such as RICOH THETA)

Scene link

A feature that can move scenes together. It can be set from the hotspot settings.

Hotspot settings

Set up icons in the scene, add descriptive text and move between scenes.
There are five types of hotspot setting features: the scene link setting, the on-screen text descriptionsetting, the link URL setting, Image setting, and the external content (YouTube) setting.

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