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Scenes in which VR can be used


VR allows you to see the equipment and facilities of a showroom entirely on the Web.You can move from the plane view of an actual showroom to the exhibited items section, or present detailed information such as item descriptions or video explanations with by clicking on them.It is also possible to do visitor reservations and catalog downloads by linking to an existing page from the content.

Commercial facilities

From the shared equipment in the facilities to the inside of each shop, VR allows one to stroll to all corners using a facility map on the Web. You can give detailed information with introductions for each shop, introductions for products, text, and videos, and you can make it possible to purchase items by linking with an online store.

Tourist / leisure facilities

It is generally impossible to represent beauty and splendor just with partial pictures posted on the Web.VR allows you to reproduce a scene from an actual place in 360° in all directions, in your favorite season. You can view it any time you like to see things that you cannot see from visiting an actual place just once, such as differences in scenery resulting from changing times and seasons, and explanations of spots that are often overlooked.

Lodging facilities

Seeing essentials for choosing accommodations such as rooms, scenery, and facilities of good quality naturally gets one interested, which boosts expectations and anticipation.There is also great appeal in being able to have an advanced look at visualizations of things like the view of the scenery seen from a room changing with time and seasons, or layout plans for conference and party venues.

College campuses

It isn't easy to really get to know a huge, spacious college campus. Setting perspective view or scene view and representing an actual place in 360°makes it possible to imagine a campus life filled with fantastic facilities and conveniences. With a combination of not just explanatory notes and video playback but also e-learning, you can always get a virtual open campus up and running.

Real estate, building properties

VR is useful for indoor introductions to things like vacant rental homes and custom homes. It allows you to choose from order colors for roofs, walls, floors, kitchens and so forth, making it possible to see the realization of an actual constructed space. Because it allows for visualization of immersive, 360° representations as a part of the simulation, it contributes to improvements in contract rates. In addition, because the map of the site can be displayed on the screen, it is possible to move around the property using the map, and the property selection can be performed smoothly with consideration for the geography.

Factory tours

There are surprisingly few opportunities to see manufacturing processes. A VR factory tour can be viewed at any time and can facilitate the development of an understanding and familiarity with manufacturing processes. That will end up contributing to improvements in perceived reliability and branding. After a tour, surveys can be given to get evaluations, and it is also possible to make content directly linked to marketing, such as drawings for giveaways, etc.

Wedding venues

With VR, you can check the atmosphere of a venue for a wedding ceremony or a reception. It can make significant contributions to the decision-making process for selecting venues and plans because it is possible to select actual table layouts and decorations, and to view video explanations and actual scenes.

Automobile sales

VR makes it possible to virtually check the inside of a new or used car as if you are actually inside of it. It helps with the process of choosing a car because explanations for electrical equipment and features can be seen, and because there are options to change seating arrangements, to check interior colors, and so forth.

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